Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day
Please Honor Our Veteran's
Especially the very few Remaining World War II Veterans

Here's a special story of my incredible grandfather, Francis Michael Gau.  He was born,  March 24,
1922.  He has been married to Rosalie Gau since February 15, 1947 and father to five children the oldest born in 1948.  To his grandchildren and great grandchildren he is known as "Buddies".  

He served in World War II and was a tail gunner in a B-24 bomber.  He flew 50 missions (sometimes two on the same day).  Most of the men on his crew never made it home.  He was nominated for the Distinguished Flying Cross but never received it.  His records were destroyed in a fire at a document center in St. Louis, MO.  My father and his brothers have tried to no avail to help Buddies get the recognition he so deserves and they have not had any success.

There are not many World War II Veterans left and they all deserve our recognition, especially my grandfather, Francis M. Gau.

Please help...  Tweet this, forward it, email it, Facebook it, and get the word out!

Thank you!

Stephanie Puryear
Buddies Granddaughter
Mother of two of his great-grandsons

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