Monday, February 10, 2014

Daily Tip

10 ways to make a cardboard box your child's favorite toy:
*Parental help will be needed with a box cutter knife to get project started

  • Prepare the box by cutting the top flaps off the box so your child can easily climb in and out of it.
  • Have your child color and decorate the box according to the play theme.

  1. The box can be a car, ship, roller coaster car, or airplane that can be pushed or pulled around the house.  You can even attach a rope, pretend steering wheel, pretend license plate, wheels, a horn.  Find whatever you can from around the house.
  2. The box can be a bed for your child's favorite doll or stuffed animal.
  3. The box can become a house for your child's small plastic and wooden figurines and you can accessorize the house accordingly.  You could even cut windows and a door with a box cutter knife.
  4. You can cut the box with a box cutter knife so it's flat and draw a roadway or train tracks for a new adventure for your child's cars, trains, trucks, or figures to play along.
  5. You could fill it with objects and cover them with a blanket and have your child try to guess what's inside by first not looking, then touching, then giving clues, and then showing (using your senses).
  6. Paint it and use a box cutter knife to set-up a puppet stage for performances.
  7. Line it up, on its side, as a goal for a ball to kick or roll into it (this can be done on the ground or hung on the wall like a basket).
  8. Make it as a table for a cash register station or store set-up, to to use as a picnic table.
  9. Paint if for a back drop in a play scheme.
  10. Cut holes in it for the arms and your child's head and flip it over, and it becomes a robot costume or anything your creativity wants it to be.

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