Thursday, March 9, 2017

How do you think they will vote? Yea or Nay on the American Health Care Act?

Read for Yourself and See What you think They Should Do?

Regardless if the New AHCA is passed it will not be put into place until what looks to be 2020....

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Open Enrollment is Over...Did you Spend TOO Much? There is help!

According to Tucker Carlson from Fox News Interview on January 25, 2017,  it appears the Obamacare Healthcare Plan and Administration helped line the pockets of the Lobbyists and Health Insurance Companies at the expense of the American public.

The Architect, Jonathan Gruber, was grilled for 9 minutes by Tucker from Fox News. The battled regarding the policy and benefits of Obamacare in relation to the American people. 

Tucker Carlson made it a point to note that by placing Obamacare into law and forcing the American public to buy healthcare or be fined by tax penalty, people were forced to buy plans they often couldn't afford, and did not want to pay for. For example, people in their fifties and sixties had to pay for plans that included prenatal, maternity, in vitro fertilization, children's orthodontics, and treatment for alcohol and substance abuse. 

During the interview, according to the Jonathan Gruber, the two biggest losers in this scenario were the top 2% wealthiest in the country having tax increases and those that were the healthiest that had to make up for the cost of those that were sick by paying overall higher premiums. This past year the minimum premium increases were 25% (per interview); and left unstated in some states as high as 100% with limitations of choice to only one or two carriers. It should also be noted that often times people could not keep their preferred doctors as initially promised by the Obama Administration.

For more specific and detailed information please watch the Fox Interview, January 25, 2017. "Gruber: Obamacare is working....Tucker Carlson Takes on Obamacare Architect".

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