Friday, December 7, 2012


Developmental Wonders
There is nothing more wonderful than bringing home your new baby. Yet, with this excitement there is often an overwhelming sense, of "Now What?". As all of us know, along with this amazing child also comes endless questions with no "tried and true" instruction manual to help. There are hundreds of books and websites. And of course, our family and friends are always eager to provide advice; but this often only adds to the confusion of what's best for your baby. Each baby is a unique individual and deserves customized support. Child development is a wonder in itself. To watch our babies grow from newborns to infants to toddlers and then to children is nothing but truly miraculous. Therefore, Stephanie Puryear, OTR/L, the founder of Sensory Steps, Inc., with over a decade of specialized developmental expertise, specifically for children ages birth to three; and early childhood, ages three to five; has created Developmental Wonders.

Developmental Wonders is a tailored developmental parent and baby/child playgroup that meets weekly to provide support, guidance, and developmental tips for the specific stages that you and your child are emerged in. Meet with other parents and their children in similar age groups and develop lifelong bonds while having a safe and secure place to answer your questions, provide your baby with opportunities to grow and develop, and receive consistent expert developmental unbiased and educated advice as you navigate through the wondrous developmental stages with you child. More information regarding groups, locations, and registration will be coming soon. Developmental Wonders groups are expected to start in the 2013 New Year.