Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Please Honor Our Veteran's
Especially the very few Remaining World War II Veterans


Yesterday, I told you a special story of my incredible grandfather, Francis Michael Gau.  He was born, March 24, 1922.  He has been married to Rosalie Gau since February 15, 1947.  He has 5 children, 13 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren.

Last evening I spoke with my father and I was able to obtain even more specific details:

My father, Thomas M. Gau, the oldest of the 5 children has a copy of the discharge papers.  

The most unfortunate of the details I found out....A review board determined that there was insufficient evidence to award the Distinguished Flying Cross, most likely due to his records being burned in the St. Louis fire.  

My grandfather Francis M. Gau was  entered into active duty on March 15th, 1943 and he was discharged on September 21, 1945. He departed for Italy on March 15, 1944 and returned to the US on October 23, 1944. My grandfather served on the 485th Bomb Group of the 829th Squadron of the Army Air Force.  It is thought that they were bombing the Ploesti Oil Fields, and participated in the Normandy invasion.   The pilots Francis Xavier Dalton did receive the Distinguished Flying Cross, and my grandfather was able to speak to his son to tell him stories about his dad who died fairly early.  When my grandfather left the service, like many of his comrades he just wanted to try and get back to living a "normal life".  He had little interest in seeking recognition.  My Dad believes that my grandfathers crew is the only one of four crews to make it back from the War.

There are not many World War II Veterans left and they all deserve our recognition, especially my grandfather, Francis M. Gau.

For all of those who have been helping, thank you.  Please continue to help and get the word out. Tweet this, forward it, email it, Facebook it, and get the word out!

Thank you!

Stephanie Puryear
Buddies Granddaughter
Mother of two of his great-grandsons

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