Wednesday, February 12, 2014

 Family Reward System
Promoting Teamwork as a Family

Here's how the Magic Jar Works....
It's all about building up the good in what our kids do and reminding them that working a family is team.  For our children, if they do something positive like their chores or something extra special they get to put a marble in the jar.  If they do something that needs a reprimand, or double-check, than they take a marble out of the jar.  Once the jar is full, as a team/family, they get to choose a very special treat like a family outing for the day like bowling or a movie at the theater, and then lunch of their choice.  Other options may be a trip to the Lego store, trip to the Children's museum, new special game for the house.   Every family can decide the parameters of the reward that works best for them.  The important thing is that everyone agrees on the reward and if this is difficult each family member can take turns on getting the final decision of the reward choice.  May your marble jar always be full.

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