Thursday, March 31, 2016

Parents-with a little Planning Maximize ALL Your Benefits

Business Insider Article, March 28, 2016:

When expecting a new baby it is such an exciting time! When anticipating new baby there are many things to anticipate, prepare for, and make sure your household is ready.  It is imperative that you understand and know your insurance plan.  You want to make sure that adequate medical coverage is in place, there is ongoing communication with your employer, and a plan is in place for medical leave.

Before you worry about maternity/paternity family leave coverage, you must make your insurance plan covers prenatal/maternity care with the medical team you prefer to receive your care from.

As a medical professional,  for the baby's delivery I would also seek out a medical facility that has high ratings and accreditation as a Level III or Level IV Neonatal Care Unit (NICU). When you're pregnant and anticipating a new baby you don't want to think about the "unthinkable": premature delivery, delivery emergencies, complications with the baby's health.  If something happens you want to be at a medical facility equipped with the highest level of care for the fastest response to you and your baby's needs.  There is nothing worse than having a medically fragile baby that must be transported to a different facility from where you're staying to receive your care.

Unfortunately, this is all something we assume our insurance covers. However you need to be sure the hospital(s), medical team (Mother and Baby) are all part of your insurance plan. Sometimes your doctor may be part of your plan and yet the hospital/medical center is not. You may have to make some tough decisions when putting your plan together.

As well, you should know how much coverage you have.  Do you have a maximum amount of time allowed in the hospital or a high deductible you must meet before coverage sets into place?  Do you have a co-pay or pay a percent of the fees. 

Some insurance plans can cover short term disability or medical leave if something happens and you need to take extra time because of an unexpected occurrence.  This is especially worth considering if your employer does not pay for maternity/paternity short term leave.  When expecting you also want to make sure your taking care of your oral hygiene and vision with appropriate dental and vision care because oral/gum issues may demonstrate other potential health complications.  It's important to focus on whole health wellness and family preparedness. Be prepared and have a plan.

By planning in advance, a family plan may be set into place to maximize your experience and coverage to ensure things are as seamless as possible when your new little one arrives.

Seek out a benefits consultant for assistance and planning.

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