Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cancer-it affects us all.

Cancer affects us all.  Make sure you and your family are prepared for the unthinkable.  

Celebrate Life and Live Each Day to the Fullest!

Congratulations to Leah Still for surviving Stage IV neuroblastoma and being cancer free for 1-year!  We are all so happy for Leah and her family!
ABC Story-Leah Still Cancer Free for One Year!

I can personally attest to how fast the "Cancer"diagnosis can infiltrate a family and cause immediate survival mode to hit.  My 30-something year old husband was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma (10+ pound tumor) on my son's fourth birthday.  He was only given a 20% chance of making it through the surgery.  

Fortunately, we had excellent insurance and we could seek out the best-of-the-best for our medical team and hospitals.  Thankfully, and most likely due to the excellent medical team we had, my husband survived the surgery and recovery; and he is celebrating 3-years of being cancer free.  Now he gets to watch our two boys continue to grow and we can create family memories together. 

I know too many people of all ages who have had to fight the cancer battle.  Some survived and some not as fortunate.  The worst is when people don't have the coverage they need to get the care they deserve and they end up with astronomical medical bills.

Please let me help you have the coverage you need to protect yourself and, or your family-medical, accidental/critical/disability, dental/vision, cancer, and life insurance.

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*Consultations are free.  Let me help you revise or change your plans to comprehensive, affordable care.

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