Monday, March 28, 2016

Aging Population Expected to Double by 2050

Are you and your family prepared for this phenomenon?
This impacts us ALL...

According to a news article (please see link below) posted about an hour ago, our global elderly population is expected to double by 2050 and the effects of this create many challenges if we do not adequately prepare.

Due to healthcare advances, people are able to live longer.  Fortunately sick people are surviving and cures are being found. Therefore, the morbidity or death rate, expected age of death, has grown.  As well, the oldest of the old, those over the age of 80, are expected to triple by 2050.  

As a result, families must be prepared to care for aging parents and adults should make sure they have  estate plans in place to secure their interest and family's interest is in the best hands in case something happens.

In the United States, we need to make sure that as adults we ALL plan ahead for the future and this major imminent occurrence. It's important that as families we all have open discussions with forward thinking dialogue to ensure everyone has a plan in place.  It is also detrimental that as part of this plan we ALL have the appropriate insurance in place so that no one family member is stuck covering astronomical costs, such as, but not limited to: medical, caregiver, assisted living, facility care, therapeutic services, hospital visits, surgeries, home health, pharmaceuticals, and alternative treatments. 

Along with the aging population expected to more than triple in about thirty years, the costs of healthcare and related services rise each year.  

It is imperative to plan ahead, prepare a plan, and make sure you have comprehensive insurance.  

  1. You should have coverage that allows you and your family to see the doctors and go to the hospitals you want to go to with a low deductible and out-of-pocket so that you are not financially burdened if something happens.  
  2. You should have accident/disability/critical insurance plan that covers you if something happens and you cannot work.  Then you can continue to pay your monthly bills while getting better.
  3. Finally, you should have life insurance in the case something catastrophic happens to you so that your family has financial means to pay funeral costs and continue living. articleGlobal Elderly Population Exploding

Put your mind at ease and walk the path put in front of you with great anticipation, hand-in-hand with your loved ones. All while knowing you're all taken care of for today, tomorrow, and the future ahead.

Please seek out a Benefits Consultant, see below, someone with a healthcare background and licensed in insurance.

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