Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Don't let them touch your Stache! Why healthcare in the Marketplace is SO EXPENSIVE!

People using the Marketplace & signed up Obamacare Plans, are sicker and therefore cost more money to insurers.

How can you save money and still be insured?
What does this mean for all of us?

According to the New York Times Article, March 30, 2016: "Newest Policyholders Under Health Law Are Sicker and Costlier to Insures" by Robert Pear.

Since people the majority of people signing up on the Marketplace for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), are sicker than anticipated the premiums for the average Americans are sky high.  Regardless of age or need, if someone signs up for a plan on the Marketplace they are paying for those people that are sick, helping to cover the subsidies of those that cannot otherwise afford insurance, and also paying for things that they do may not need such as prenatal care, infertility/IVF, birth control, braces, and options that should not be included if not needed. Yet, people are paying for everything to keep the system from going broke, and the system is still going broke in all directions.

The insurance companies are carrying too much risk by providing coverage for so many sick people. The people purchasing insurance plans are paying too much money, often times for numerous things they do not need.

Instead, the system should be revamped.  Wellness programs should be incentivized.  As well, Americans should have a choice in the plan they purchase.  They shouldn't have to buy an umbrella plan that covers everything and then pay for things they don't need.  Rather, they should chose personalized plans that comprehensively fit their needs and pay accordingly.

YouTube: "Hilarious! Larry the Cable Guy's Epic Take-Down of Obamacare!" His comments are funny but true.

If you are healthy and do not qualify for subsidies, there is excellent insurance for you. Avoid the Marketplace. Avoid Tax Penalties and Fines.  Avoid living with worry about getting sick or having an accident.  You can find insurance.  In fact, if you seek out assistance with a professional, you will most likely save money in relation to your monthly premiums and your plan coverage will receiving a comprehensive plan.  

All you need to do is seek out a Licensed Benefits Consultant to help you find a customized plan that fits your individual needs in regards to your well-being and financial security. Consultations are free to determine your needs and provide you with preliminary, qualifying quotes.

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