Sunday, April 3, 2016

Are you Insured? Avoid Penalties-Tax Day is Almost Here.

Everyone DESERVES Medical Insurance...
Avoid Tax Penalties and Fines

According to a recent NBC News Article, from January 27, 2016: "Healthcare Fines Press Millennials as Deadline Appears" by the Associated Press:, even with looming deadlines and penalties increasing; many millennials are still taking a big risk and opting out of Obamacare due to the Marketplace Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance plans high monthly premiums, deductibles, and large out-of-pocket expenses. 

Too many young people are struggling to find jobs and feel that they have too many bills, such as student loans to add yet another bill to their never-ending mounds of debt.  Yet, the risk if something were to happen or if they were to get sick could be astronomical.

As human beings, we should all have empathetic concern for one another.  Healthcare should not be a privilege, it should be a basic equality that we all have.  We need to take care of each other.  Every person DESERVES medical insurance and medical care that is the finest one can receive while being affordable and attainable. A parent should not have to decide whether or not to mortgage her house and give up everything they have just to pay for treatments and medicine to keep their child alive; and this is still happening in our country everyday. 

Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been set up with the idea to cover everyone.  While this idea has merit and follows along with the point of this post, the way the plan has been written is not sustainable for the long-term. As a result; healthy, middle class people are paying high premiums to cover plans for those that are very sick and help subsidize those that cannot afford premiums without financial assistance.  As a result, small business owners, entrepreneurs, people that are self-employed, or those without insurance are out of luck.

There is so much confusion about the ACA and how it works, that there are multiple websites and skits to try and help people see the common ground along with the parody.  Unfortunately, when it's your life, it's more of a travesty. 

If you are healthy and have a reasonable income, there is insurance for you.  Avoid the Marketplace. Avoid Tax Penalties and Fines.  Avoid living with worry about getting sick or having an accident.  You can find insurance.  In fact, if you seek out assistance with a professional, you will most likely save money in relation to your monthly premiums and your plan coverage will receiving a comprehensive plan.  

All you need to do is seek out a Licensed Benefits Consultant to help you find a customized plan that fits your individual needs in regards to your well-being and financial security. Consultations are free to determine your needs and provide you with preliminary, qualifying quotes.

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Let's Remember LOVE...and maybe, together with Love and Empathy, we can find a way to make it a little better for everyone!

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