Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why we need to completely rewrite healthcare as we know it!

Healthcare today is a big business.  Our country depends on it.  I myself am a healthcare practitioner, and I am baffled everyday about the crisis we face.  I love what I do and need to be paid for my services. Yet I don't want a family to go into debt for receiving therapy for their child's therapy sessions.  And for many families, this often becomes the case as they are desperate to help their children.

Yet, if our country continues on the path and trends that have been set, in ten years our economy will crumble.  People pay because they have to-it's a life or death scenario.  What's more important than your life?  So people pay and often are in debt for the rest of their life.  Many people were stunned in a recent special report by Time  " Why Medical Bills are Killing Us" that stated hospitals were marking the price of Tylenol up by 10,000%.

Patients will not be able to keep up, providers will not be able to get reimbursed for their services, insurance companies will no longer be able to keep increasing the cost of their premiums since no one will be able to afford the cost, and people will stop paying the absurd cost of pharmaceuticals.  It will come to a crashing halt and it will dramatically effect the entire economy, unless change comes sooner than later.

Yes, President Obama made a national healthcare policy but this was not enough.  It did not address the high costs of care and uncontrolled raising costs.  We need to completely overhaul the exuberant prices that are charged for services each year, and keep going up every year.  Nowhere else in business is there this sort of mark-up for a service, and there is no one controlling it.

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