Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Internal Need for Movement and the Impact it is Having on our Children's Developmental Growth and Learning, Specifically in School

Our Body, The Brain, and Our Sensory Needs....
We Need to Move, It's an Innate Human Drive that Coincides Learning, Attention, and Brain Activity

Thanks to a friend's Facebook post today, I thought I would revisit this need that has been lost on our children.  During the summer our children hopefully have the opportunity to go outside and get the movement their bodies so desperately need.

School Learning-Increased Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD:

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A Moving Child Is a Learning Child: How the Body Teaches the Brain to Think (Birth to Age &) Paperback-November 13, 2013 by  Gill Connell (Author), Cheryl McCarthy (Author)

Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Remember it may not always be that your child has an actual disorder or diagnosis but instead just needs more physical activity and movement in their life.  It is important to be as informed as possible while also keeping an open dialogue with your child, their teacher, and your pediatrician to determine the best course of action for your child.  Sometimes it takes awhile to determine the best course of action.  

A personal example is that last year my son's attention would begin to fade in the afternoon, however his teacher was very open minded and flexible.  Water bottles were allowed throughout the day and when I brought up that he would attend better when chewing gum, she allowed this as long as he was respectful with this activity.  He was allowed to chew sugarless gum in the afternoon if needed as long as this privilege was not abused.  This course of action was all he needed to help him focus when there were days that weather did not permit his class to go outside.

Yet, I know there are other circumstances for children where these types of interventions will help but only for a short while and not completely.  A diagnosis may be involved, and medication along with a full team of support will need to be involved.  It is critical that this is identified as soon as possible to help the child's learning process supported as soon as possible for optimal success throughout the school year.

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