Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bullying Tips

Here are some additional tips to help stop bullying:

1.  Talk to your children about what "bullying" is, and remind them to tell an adult if they are being bullied or if they see someone else being bullied.

2.  Remind children if they are telling an adult about a "bullying situation" they are NOT being "tattle-tails"; instead they are being a good person and a good friend to either themselves or someone that is having a tough time.

3.  If your child is having a tough time about dealing with bully situations, get on the floor with them and engage in social play and turn taking to play out bully scenarios and how to best react to those tough situations.  Use toys and incorporate the directed play to reflect your child's developmental level.  This is where a Floortime Developmental Expert can help if further assistance is needed.

DIR/Floortime Model

3.  If there are troubles at school be sure to let the school know and document all discussions.

4.  For children ages three years and up, there is a great book about friendship and how to best ignore bullies: Bad Apple by Eward Hemmingway.

"Bad Apple" by Edward Hemmingway

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