Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day

Earlier today, I made mention that this month is Autism Awareness Month.  True, it's Autism Awareness Month, but today is an incredibly important day: Earth Day; and this should not be discounted.

We need to remember to take care of the only Earth we have.  In our attempts to do so, I truly believe this may help with trying to curb and decrease the number of children and families being affected by the Autism epidemic.

Learn more about Earth Day, and how we can take action to take care of our home.

Also, a fun side-note, for a fun family activity...please go to the movie theater today and see the Disney Chimpanzee movie.  My 6-year old and his entire school went for a Whole School Field Trip that included Kindergarten through eighth grade to see this movie, and I took our 3-year old son to see it earlier this morning.  This movie is fun, educational, and moving.  Chimpanzee is a truly moving and inspirational story about how special and intricate our ecosystem and the forces are within.

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